Limited Edition $300 now at $199 to reap these benefits:

Vitamin D

Energy Savings

Home Decor

Lucy is easy-to-use

positioning Lucy Heliostat Sun powered Robot

1. Position

Find a place with a view of sunlight inside
your Home or outside in your Garden.

Pointing Lucy Heliostat Sun powered Robot

2. Point

Orient the "nose" of the sphere towards
the room you want to have illuminated.

enjoying Lucy Heliostat Sun powered Robot

3. Enjoy!

Enjoy the experience of sunlight in your
Home in diffuse or task-based styles.

Intelligent Mirror
Reflects Sunlight
Solar Powered

Lucy Follows the Sun

Lucy's smart adaptive mirror will follow the sun reflecting it always on the same spot all day long.

Italian Design

Our all-Italian founding team conceived Lucy to be the ultimate representation of Italian minimalistic Home Décor

Light Up Every Room to Life

Ultra Portable

Lucy can be easily placed anywhere. Lucy is designed to be positioned outdoors and indoors and it doesn't require any installation.

Tech Specs
lucy 2d drawing

Through an algorithm based on smartly positioned photosensors, Lucy can redirect sunlight wherever you need sunlight to be.

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